Julian Hamilton Baker

Filmmaker & Director of Photography | New York, NY

Email: julianhbaker@gmail.com
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  |   Youtube: @L3VRO


Dearborn - TV Pilot

December 2023
Sci-fi dramedy & upcoming NYU Advanced TV Pilot that follows Haifa, who is expelled from college and returns back home to Dearborn, Michigan, where she is confronted by her family, old nosy neighbors, and one lady who believes aliens are coming to abduct the residents of the building... and might actually be on to something. 
Role: 2nd Assistant Camera

Lighting an indoor scene, looking at the monitor Art and Lighting setting up for the scene Outdoor shoot on rooftop

MSNBC - Why is This Happening? - Live Podcast Tour

November 2023
Live Podcast show "Why is This Happening?" w/ Chris Hayes, guest-starring Rachel Maddow, working closely with Mike Simon (Chief of Photography, MSNBC).  
Role: 1st Assistant Camera

Balcony camera setup for 'Why is This Happening' live tour Camera setup from behind seating of 'Why is This Happening' live tour Control Room of 'Why is This Happening?' live tour

Love Complex - Short Film

October 2023
Love, greed, silence. A man's secret affair goes a little too far.  
Role: Director of Photography

Finding composition for scene, actor in bed Setting up the scene Shooting subject near windowsill

Closing up Shop - Short Film

February 2023
In vibrant Chinatown, New York, workers of restaurants and shops begin to wind the bustling streets down. 
Roles: Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor. Managed all aspects of concept creation, filming, editing, and publishing.
Award: Best Cinematography - BMCC Spring Film Festival 2023

Characters Disappearing - Feature Film

November 2022
In the wake of their grandfather's sudden disappearance, cousins Chris and Mei face a variety of spiritual impasses. As others in their orbit begin to vanish without explanation, the film's central characters navigate their own complex identities in relation to one another, while the events taking place around them cause them to reflect on the proximity to danger that exists in the spaces they occupy.
Role: 2nd Assistant Camera

Hugo Vagabond - Short Film

May 2022
Hugo, a trouble-making brat, gets kicked out of his home and faces a reality check. Premiered at Prospect High School's Film Festival (Audience Choice Award).
Role: Cinematographer
Award: Audience Choice award at Prospect High School's Film Festival

Chapter II - Short Film

May 2022
A young man is pursued relentlessly by a mysterious figure.
Role: Principal Actor

JUNCTURE - Dream Sequence - Short Film

April 2021
The opportunities we move on from, and the chaos of choosing one's destiny.
Roles: Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor. Managed all aspects of concept creation, filming, editing, and publishing.

Additional Experience

Theater Server

IPIC Theaters · Part-time
April 2023 - January 2024
Fulton Street, Lower Manhattan

Customers enter the theater and are given the opportunity to place dinner orders and eat while they watch the movie. This job requires excellent customer service, sensitivity to timing, communicating with both the customer and the kitchen, serving hot food in a timely manner, etc. Teamwork, excellence, and visuals are very important. Working in an environment based on film-watching, getting to witness audience's reactions and seeing what works and what doesn't is not only interesting, but crucial when creating films that best capture the entertainment and emotions of the viewer.

Soccer Referee Official

U.S. Soccer Federation · Part-time
December 2018 - May 2022
San Francisco Bay Area

Officiated numerous games and tournaments, with responsibility for making play calls and dealing with players, parents, coaches, and other officials.


Borough of Manhattan Community College

Cinematography & Film/Video Production
Fall 2022 - Spring 2024 (in progress)

Prospect High School

Diploma with Digital Filmmaking emphasis (Career Technical Education)
Aug 2018 - Jun 2022 - Saratoga CA

George Washington University Online High School

Grade 11 - Pandemic Time

Licenses & Certifications

Avid Certified | Media Composer Specialist

Issued by Avid Technology. Earners of this certification have demonstrated a fundamental understanding of and the capability to use Media Composer, together with a firm grasp of the core skills, workflows, and concepts of non-linear editing on the Avid Media Composer system.
Avid Certification Link

Technical Skills

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Email: julianhbaker@gmail.com
Youtube: @L3VRO
LinkedIn: julianhbaker